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An auto business started by an American Engineer and a German Technician was destined to be a leader in testing technology. At Fremont European, we strive to maintain the standard of the industry in both training and up- to-date tooling. While the list of industry-standard and vehicle-specific special tools is too large to cover here, we would be happy to discuss our technology with you. Feel free to give us a call!

Star TesterThe current benchmarks of a true professional are the diagnostic computers employed by the manufacturers for their own service facilities. One hallmark of an after-market repair facility is the availabitlity of the latest tools and equipment.

Star Tester

At right is the Star Tester, or SDS, built for Mercedes Benz and used in all Mercedes Benz service facilities. It interfaces with all Mercedes Benz modern computer systems and guides the technician through diagnosis, testing, adapting and programming of problems and new control units.

Group Tester 1Group Tester One

BMW also one of the leaders in sophisticated systems and the tooling necessary to work on them. The diagnostic software program DIS — just as the software DAS, running on SDS — resides on the tool GT1.

Both if these systems for Mercedes Benz and BMW also include the only database of diagnostic information available. There is absolutely NO other source. While system theory, wiring, and repair info is available variously through online, CD, and subscription data systems, the only source of diagnostic data is that which is built into these tools.

In BMW's case, almost all new modules will also need coding or programming mostly unavailable through other sources.


The Autologic is an aftermarket tool for BMWs and Jaguars, which runs a rull range of testing and programming.