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Our Services

In our service department we use original Mercedes-Benz parts. We like to repair your car at the lowest possible price by true troubleshooting and not just replacing parts by trial and error. We believe In our service department. We use Original Manufacturers' Parts (OEM).

Our mission is to repair your car at the lowest possible price, with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Our hope is to build a long-term relationship. We accomplish this by using “state of the art” factory diagnostic tools and testing equipment.

We use the latest manufacturer’s technical and diagnostic data available.

Warranty Service

New Car Owners: We can perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your car is still under factory warranty. We will stamp your Maintenance book and use only factory-approved parts and lubricants. You are not required to take your car back to an authorized dealer for this type of service. Contact us for details.

Extended Warranties

We will be happy to do work covered by an extended service agreement or warranty. We will review your coverage, obtain the necessary approvals and process the required documentation.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our pre-purchase inspection of the major systems (body, chassis, suspension, brakes, engine and drive train) gives the prospective buyer a sense of what expenses may be due in the near future, as well a the quality of the past maintenance history. The inspection report also gives the prospective buyer a bargaining tool in negotiating a final purchase price.

Environmental Safety and Health

All fluids, chemicals, cleaning solvents and oils are stored, used and disposed of in compliance with OSHA standards. We use closed cleaning systems to insure no impact on the environment.

Oil & Filter Changes

Vehicles using non-synthetic oil: we recommend oil and filter replacement at 3,000-5,000 miles.

Vehicles using synthetic oil: we recommend oil and filter replacement at 7,500 miles.